Month: October 2013

My Pantry : Fish Sauce

Used widely throughout South East Asia today and by Ancient Romans in the past, fermented fish sauce has an unforgettable fragrance and a magical flavour.  Fish sauce can be very deceiving: its smell is vastly different to its taste. It’s made completely naturally, using small fish that have […]

What Thai food means to Me

In 1991 during Vanilla Ice’s assault on the music charts, a single mother, Busara (right), with her two young daughters Candice (left) and Taya (middle) began their new life in Brisbane, Australia. Determined to set a confident example for her children, Busara gathered whatever money she could to […]

Fresh Garlic & Chilli Paste

Garlic & Chilli Paste Have a WMF (Weapon of Massive Flavours) at the ready in your freezer 24/7 with this easy to prepare paste. You’ll need: 1 tablespoon of Fresh garlic, peeled and crushed 1½ tablespoons of Long red chillies, thinly sliced with seeds Add chopped chillies into […]