About Taya


Taya was born a food baby with burnt caramel skin, curly vine like hair coupled with a generous size and weight closely resembling a full grown jackfruit.  She grew up with her Chinese father, Thai mother and a cheeky younger sister in the Barngna district of Bangkok.  Her traditional roots can be found in the western province of Kanjanaburi, Thailand as well as in the Yunnan province of China.

With skilful cooks peppered on both sides of her family, she was extremely inquisitive and curious from a young age.  Taya’s mum, Busara was an avid home cook and later completed studies in cookery at a prominent Thai culinary college in Bangkok.  In 1990 her family took a trip across water and migrated to Brisbane, Australia. Their entire life saving in one hand and a wok in the other, Busara opened their first restaurant in Australia, named “My Thai“.

At this time Taya and younger sister started school.  Speaking only a few crucial English phrases such as “Is this edible?” and “Where is the restroom”? she was not in with the popular crowd. Her fragrant and peculiar lunches drenched in fish sauce, which once heated become even more pungent, was regarded as offensive by some.  The lovingly packed lunch boxes brought to school only encouraged half-baked remarks about Asian food.  Taya refuse to take these comments personally, thinking they just didn’t know what they were missing out on.  Now with a fire roaring  in her pork belly, Taya aspires to one day share her devotion, enthusiasm and to enlighten others about Asian cuisine.

Working closely with mum Busara in the kitchen at My Thai, she honed her natural cooking instincts to become an all round chef.  It was not long before mum recognised taya’s contribution and started paying her with money, not just love, which was greatly appreciated.  Eight years later, Taya decided to take a vocation from her family’s restaurant to explore other culinary delights and to pursue her studies in art and design. She packed her woks, cookbooks and headed for the Mecca of culture that is Melbourne.

Being a natural food sponge, she ate, worked, cooked, baked, danced, studied and lived vividly before returning to Brisbane. Recharged and energised with a head full of ideas she returned to work at her family’s restaurant, cooking in the kitchen and in 2008 began My Thai Cooking School.

A few years later at the ripe old age of thirty, Taya decided to open up her very own mouth-watering venture “My Thai Kitchen”. Offering quick and tasty lunch boxes, healthy home style take away meals, intimate hands on Thai cooking classes and quality Asian groceries.

Encouraged by family, friends and her obsession with food, Taya started the meatpietopadthai food blog to unleash an avalanche of questions and answers, tasting unidentifiable ingredients and sauces with glee.  A boundless desire to experience all things visual and textural, Taya lives purely in an existence of perpetual curiosity for all things edible.

My Thai Kitchen
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  1. Thanks so much for the amazing seafood based class today Taya – we had so much fun and the food was phenomenal!

    Erin x

  2. Loved your classic Thai cooking class so so much. My family enjoys eating it too. Looking forward to reading new posts. If you ever venture towards cupcakes I have a few finally honed recipes am happy to share. Xo

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